The sun was setting. The moon rising high, I was asleep, but my other half was not.

“Hey, Lolita,” a voice whispered in my subconscious. I was in a river of India, floating down- seeing the elephants, small creatures, does and tigers amongst my journey into another world, but I began to slowly float up- out of the water- into the air.

“Wake up!”

My eyes were open, and above me was a shadow of a girl, yet I can see her dark eyes perfectly. I blinked, and looked over at my clock. It’s was 4:22 AM. Lord, I thought. What could she want?

“Stop the commotion you thinker, I have to show you something important, cmon.” She flew off me and levitated/ floated towards the door. She looked back at me, who was slowly crawling out of bed, pulling my purse off the ground and grabbing some cigs. I walked to the door, through the small living room, and out the back door. I lived in the country, so beyond the backdoor laid wooded areas aka forest.

I flipped on the back lights and what seemed like a few yards away were some type of objects floating in the air. Oh my…

“C’mon, nothing’s gonna hurt you out here.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me out the back door. We ran the few yards and made it to a scene of pure… well.. magick.

Crystals that grew from rocks of different colors floated around six feet in the air. They bounced lightly mid air, leaving a note of “I am here. Don’t touch me” kind of vibe.

“What is this, Sara?”

More in the light, Sara was a short girl of 4’11”, with long dark black hair, creamy white skin and hollow eyes with round hearted lips embraced on a rounded face. She was absolutely stunning. Beside my shaggy brown hair that came down to my shoulders and my lanky 5’3″ body, I adored my olive skin and Latin ancestors.

“This is where you’re chakras are gonna be realigned with the energy of the five elements. It’ll help you get better rest in this phase of the moon,” she looked at me and grabbed my hand, and I felt a slight tingling sensation in the palm of my hand as she grasped it, “I manifested this for you, now come see, it isn’t too hard, all you need to do is cleanse your mind with some deep breaths.”

After explaining briefly of each elemental state- first to embrace the grounding of earth- I stepped in the circle and immediately the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I was walking into a static force of magick. And this was absolutely, insane and thrilling. My eyes narrowed as I faced West. I focused on the green crystal, its many shards of emerald shimmered by the moons rays.

I mumbled a quote that Sara taught me in this brief time and I stood there for a couple of moments. I did this to East, North, and South. By that time my body was buzzing with energy, and at that point I was too winded and I had to sit down.

“Wait on that Lolita, I still must invoke the element Spirit.” Sara called. I nodded, standing back up. I was a little dizzy. I watched all the crystals move upwards and closer in together, all forming a small circle above me. I closed my eyes and focused on that last element. Murmuring words and breathing in deeply.

I felt the weight of everything leave me all of a sudden, and I stood more taller then ever. I looked at my hands- palm and knuckles- feeling the source of energy in my veins. It sizzled and sparked with a raw amplified epiphany of some sort. The chambers that were locked in my head had their chained remove and like a dam, everything flooded and connected together in my head.

I looked at Sara then, who gathered the crystals in a leather bag, stationary in place, feeling the earth, the dirt, the rocks, and the core of where I stood, “Thank you.”

“No, thank you. It was the first time I’ve done that in this life, and the other times weren’t that great.” She looked up at me and smiled, standing up and slinging the bag of rocks over her shoulder.

“Either way, I feel, enriched, enlightened, extraordinary. I feel alive”

“That’s a good way to put it… well, go on back to sleep as I find something else to do with my time.” She was a worker in the night, and she slept during the days.

I turned swiftly towards my bed, muttering “night owls,” under my breath but I knew Sara could hear it because she had crazy accurate sounding ears.

I fell asleep calmly, my mind shutting off almost instantly, and I dreamt of flying.


Once Tonight.

Tender kisses did leave me in the afterlife of a night with you. You’ve greeted me with warm delights; chocolate and gold, incense and such. The idea appealed to me thoughtfully, noting every single touch by you. Your caramel smile and sandalwood cologne brought me up the stairs, where we passed a chandelier held by a crystal rope that hung up all the way to the fifth floor. Gliding up the stairs, we passed an elevator that we ignored, enjoying our ascent in the steps. Forward the story continues…

Second Chases

My lips caress your absence ones, your music has encased my heart,

Will you write for me?

I can’t just run away from all my fears, fearing I’ll loose you. And I did, by my own doings.

Your music encased me, who am I? Who am I I think. No one it seems without you.

Old Love New Love

Can’t you see I’m running from

The biggest baddest wolf -all my life-

And I try to breathe

And I try to breathe…

Can’t you see how madly I cried out?!

In hopes of you saving me…

Won’t you save me?

Through the eyes of tiny little fireflies did the Illuminati

Sought in me: A cure of all the cancer and now I try to lean in and out of this

Picture frame.

Along a lonely road I walk and see something across the road staring at me,

It terrifies me.

A young boy of four, black raven hair I saw him lead a life on the path, of my road. Little boy mind you speak of a wolf, a hungry one indeed.

Escape with me and through the sea will find a home again.

Fellow Fighters

Sun had bellied the cold wars

Let it commence again

Moon had taken over-

Rise all catapults!

Allies in the legion-

The tribes all lost ago-

Belly the enemies…

For they are our closest friend.

Hear my letter, Dear Soldier,

Come home and fight the bigger fight,

Our society has lost its whole.