Selfless and Cold Food

Only a loaf of bread and fish the giver had,

Walking down a sandy beach, spotting a man hunched over,

His hunger tearing through his empty stomach.

The giver that had food bent down, offering everything he had.

The hungry man accepted gratefully, but as he realized as the giver walked away,

He has taken all the other man’s food,

So he went to him quickly,

“Please take half of what you’ve given me.”

And he gave half back, the man accepted but only returned everything he was given.

The hungry man was confused, “I cannot accept such an offer from you, please share, for you are clearly hungry as I, and there’s enough here for us.”

“Every time you give, I will accept, but will only give it back to you.”

Feeling as if the giver wanted him to take more then he, the hungry man split the half meal once again, offering it to him.

He accepted, but gave it back to him once again.

“Please do not give me all of your bread or fish,” the hungry man begged, wanting to feel as if he did not receive charity, only receiving from a friend.

“Eat all, for a friend will only give everything he has,” the giver said.

But the humble, hungry man replied, “And a friend will only give back to enjoy each others plentiful meal, still accepting and giving.”


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