I only feel regret when I can’t force a smile on my face to show the others that it’ll be ok.

I only feel remorse when I don’t have the enthusiasm to encourage and guide others. 

I only feel Death as it neared me everyday- longing for me to pick up any object to impale myself. But I refuse to let that feeling disrupt my mental state of being. 

I only feel weakness when the ones I love are destined to die, and I can’t save them from that.

I only feel insecure when my heart is laid vulnerable on the gillotine, letting another hold the rope of the blade. 

I only feel love when I’m in a state of bliss- only the oblivious able to enjoy the happiness that they create for themselves…

I only feel emotions when others reach out to me, making me feel once connected again,

But not for long. 


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