A Knight of Bronze Armor

I can’t help but faintly cry of how this used to be,

Goofy times held within perishable walls that were willing to be broken,

For tender words were said and not a glance backward,

Whenever our different ways had been separated by a brick wall, I tried to seek in, but only ran into cold rock, and confusion of where to continue…

I hid my pain and guilt within unanswered words and brief mistaken affairs, to try to hide the emotion I’ve once felt for you.

I cry now for you’ve expressed your sadness to me, and I’ve only held my true smile when I’m with my beloved.

You’re code will never be unlocked, because you’ve destroyed it already, I try to feel your once warm embrace in my arms, but I was left with an unfinished goodbye and  a cold, breaking heart.


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