Inertia Broken

I felt a sharp uneasy pain whenever I was left barren of inspiration, but now I’ve found my way of writing again, an aspiring stranger.

She’s held my fascination for many days, igniting my voice through words once again when I hazily watched her stroll down the crowded streets. Her pastel, violet curly hair first intrigued me into thinking that this woman might share the same elements and common interests as me. But now her eyes allured me, and the soft hint of red on her lips. Yes, her attributes are breathtaking to any eye that looks onto this subtle- mysterious creature,

But I am of more interest in the way she talks, the way her perspective has changed within time, the past that had morphed her into how she is now. I want to obtain the knowledge of her curves and edges, hide her secrets away in my closed mind- where she won’t doubt my loyalty and devotion to her.

Her aura is captivating and powerful, a dignified presence that commands only for the worthy. Yet she knows it or not, she has completely captivated me in the mysteries of her unspoken words and resplendent style.

My need of knowing who she is is too great, I must leave this desk and wander the streets, to find her- and offer the simplest of hello’s.


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