Night Change 

Waiting patiently, She flips her phone over and over in her lap, waiting for the tiny buzz to know her lover had text back. Her cheeks reddened, and a knot the size of a coconut tied in her stomach, gently playing against her beads, making her catch her breathe at the thought of him. Oh, she breathed- how she couldn’t wait much longer, thinking the site of him could pull her out of this deathly hollow

“Have a good night,” the shadow to her left had said, she smiled and nodded- echoing the words back to him. She glanced up, locking faint eyes with her lover a few yards away. She smiled and left the car in a haste, closing the door, making sure she won’t have to come back again, not until later she said. 

Throwing her arms hesitantly, wanting not to scare but invite him in. So he went and she followed, through the door, into a room. She took the first hit, exhaling from her lips, like a skaley snake with wings. Mm, she breathed, a long desire to want to fade away- given to her through a plant called its holder. Not long after, she met in time her lovers lips, another desire to feel once connected, to love again. 

And so she did, dangerously, trusting him with her second hand heart, where she crafted the pieces of her already broken vessel. She tears it open, to let the blood flow, so he could feel a love she could offer through touch. But touch, it was funny, where she felt a light, tiny little whispers, that her lover had said. And this time she did not just echo words back, she felt, oh yes she felt- a deep connection, just wanting to start again, to grow its vine on precious jewels, her new love, a love that grew,

Can she once be loved again?


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