“Parasites” says the Queen of Maggots

*Behind a closed door lies a beginning, or an end, another world, another lifetime. Behind any closed door, hidden there is a key or lock. Behind all closed doors, comes new possibilities. Behind every close door, hides a secret*

A quick jab in the girls jaw had her flying down, hitting her little head against the hard floor. She couldn’t cry, even though she wanted to, it would make him laugh. His boot swung up and with enough force, he kicked her little body off the ground, thrown against the wall. She plummet down, afraid. She coughed and wheezed, her vision blurry, her eyes hot with tears.

The monster, a horrid swine, bent down, coming close to her ears, whispering evil hatred. He grabbed her long, knotted hair with his hand and dragged her to a dirty old mattress on the floor, in this torture room. He ripped off her only clothes and threw them across the empty room, laughing crazily.

The little girl whimpered, pleading not be hurt, like this, again. But there was no stopping a madmen, a beast, a parasite, from killing, hurting, raping, torturing… It will be an endless cycle in this world. Unless these weeds can be pulled from the garden, to never again harm a precious, fragile flower like the little girl. The little flower named Phoebe.

“I know you want me like this, you little disgusting whore!” He hissed in her ear, she cried- which angered him. He wrapped his huge, wolf- like hands around her small neck, squeezing hard where she couldn’t breathe. He laughed, and laughed, taking in the excitement from the little girls face, a face of pure terror and agonizing horror.

“Please… just… stop.” she breathed-
and suddenly
She was free.
He was lifted off of her body, thrown back, a bullet blasting his brains and tissue all over the wall.
A loud ringing began and she held her hands up to her ears, trying to block out the pain. Everything turned white, and a warm blanket covered her dirty body, and she was lifted by strong welcoming hands, and in the distance she heard a soft voice, “You’re safe now Phoebe, do not be afraid.”

And in that moment, her heart gave in, not rejecting, but allowing the unknown hero have full utter control over the next few moments of her unstable life.

Later on, in some point of time, she heard the words, “One other parasite removed from…”


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