Lady with Ice Tea


She was in a simple cocktail dress,
Waiting for her partner in a fine dining place. The waiter came up to her, what would you like, he asked.
Ice Tea
She said sweetly. He nodded and went to go retrieve her order.
She caught the attention of men’s eyes in the restroom. From the bar, from different tables, even some waiters looked back at her, whispering to each other.
She was absolutely stunning, her full- red lips puckered, and her legs folded, her heel clicking on the floor impatiently. She didn’t have to wait long until another woman, dressed in a long red silk dress walked elegantly into view, her black hair pinned back, her skin glowing a shade of milky white. She was a Goddess.
And she sat right next to the women, and leaned over to kiss her on the lips.
The way they looked at each other- you could tell they were lovers.
The waiter came back with her Ice Tea.
Surprised to see another beauty at the table.
They both smirked.



She moved with much grace, her white dress brushing against the dirt and grass below her, she was walking in a forest; her forest. Her hair fell in loose waves behind her back, she was the forest princess. Birds welcomed her with tunes and melodies, the deer looking at her with black gazing eyes. The wind whispered in her ear, to he trees. The sun beamed, bringing her celestial rays down amongst the land.
It was peaceful.
It was new, a new world.
A better world.