Of Heart and Mind

The brain is what your born with, how you learn your first words, your mind of comprehending, understanding the generation you’ve been grown up in. The brain is logical, it tells you, that you are mortal.
You can’t fly.
You can’t hold your breath underwater.
You can’t live forever.
But most people, the people you see everyday wondering to their work, to their jobs,
They were born with a heart; a Heart to stand out,
to define how you are and what you like.
A Heart is more complex (in my opinion) than the mind,
Yet the heart has a mind of it’s own. So you could say that you have two minds;
The Brain that tells you to do what is right, what you can and cannot do,
And the Heart, that tells you to go beyond the limits, take those life or death decisions,
Because 1; its your life.
Life should be lived the way you want it, don’t let ANYONE control it, don’t let anyone fracture the life you’ve been living.
Even if the whole world condemns you of something either it’s wrong, or you cant do it;
Go for it,
Because it can be life changing, it can make you happier.
But that only works if you have faith in it.
And once you love yourself, than you can love the works you do.
And that is Life; Happiness


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