Soror Mea (My sister) <3

We are sisters.
Maybe not by blood,
But who else is going to tell us otherwise?
We have similarities.
Same morals,
Same skin,
Same story,
Same LOVE.
We care for each other like sisters should.
Maybe we don’t fight like we should,
Maybe we don’t understand each other sometimes,
Maybe were just weird…
But what I know is that sisters stick together,
Through good times and bad.
So here I am!
With my arms stretched out,
Ready to be there when you need me. ❤



Little Word, Much Meaning

“If all living organisms carry the source and energy of the Sun in our bodies and eyes, Earth would be a glowing ball of Dust and Fantasy; illuminating brighter and darker than any other sister Star in Space.”


“A human brain is complex in many ways. Many men are knowledgeable, yet only to a certain degree. The mind has many features still locked away, not even you and me could comprehend the understanding of what it means to really ‘live’. That’s why each individual body, soul, and mind is it’s own machine, yet we are all connected to the same root; Earth.”

“Shadow.” N: 167. Thompson, Alice

“I’m Alice, Alice Thompson.” the girl spoke.
“State your age.” The older man wrote, avoiding eye contact at the moment.
“What are your parents names?”
She hesitated. “Mary and Dave Thompson.”
“Do you know what happened to them.”
“They died, the shadow killed them.” She gulped. He scribbled down some notes and she shifted in her plastic chair, holding her breathe so the old man wouldn’t hear her heart beating quickly. She wiped her clammy hands on her gown.
“Who is the shadow?” He asked.
“He lived in our new house, he didn’t like anyone of us, except me.”
“Why didn’t he like your parents?”
“Dave is my step-father, he would of liked my real dad.”
“What is your real dads name?”
“Jacob Jefferson.”
“Why do you think the shadow would like your real dad?”
“Because he never hurt me.”
“Did your step dad hurt you?”
“Y-…Yes.” She stuttered.
“What did he do to you.”
“He… hit me. And… He- always yelled at me.”
“Did he ever sexually abuse you?” He asked. I looked at the recorder and the camera that was filming my expressions and what I said. I was being torn from the inside out. He would get me, hurt me again. He could see me through these glass walls, seep down beneath my clothes and tear away my flesh. He would command me to do things I didn’t want to do. Everything he did was wrong. And he never did anything for me. Nothing.
“Alice, has your step- father ever sexually abuse you?”
“He raped me.” I said numbly, invisibly gagging on the words and distilled air in this tiny room. When will this end???
“How many times?”
“…Seven times.”
“Did your mother know?” He asked as he wrote down the words I bled from within me.
“No, she was always working. I never could tell her, because he said he would of killed her.” I looked at my feet.
“Have you ever contacted anyone?”
“I have no other family.”
“What about people at your school?”
“I had no friends.” I looked at him, yet he was only doing his job, he has no sympathy for me. Like I wanted it anyways.
“Do you know why your here?”
“Because you and everyone believes I killed my parents.” I said.
“Who do you believe killed them?”
“The shadow.” I said matter-of-factly.
“Did you parents know about the shadow?” he said tapping his pen on the table
“No, he was invisible, only I could see him, my parents never wanted to see him. They said he was fake, that I was lying. But they were wrong, he was real.”
“Does the shadow say anything?”
“It said it hurts only the people who deserve to die. Like my step father, he deserved to die.” I smiled.
“Would you of killed your step father?” He looked at me with disgust.
“No. Because my mom loved him, so the shadow killed him for me.”

May 24, 2013: Patient 167. Thompson, Alice is diagnosed with ‘Personality disorder’ and ‘Borderline’, the inability to regulate emotions. She has major anxiety attacks and periodically trouble breathing at times. She is physically healthy but unstable, and should be watched at all times. She has failed attempt records of committing suicide. Her prescription should be given to her twice a day. She is calm and not aggressive, and should be given outside communication if any distress occurs.

August 4, 2014: Patient 167. Thompson, Alice is deceased due to committing suicide. Papers have shown progress of cooperation and good behavior, but later that week it began to lower in success and she became less mentally unstable and unable to talk to. The next month she was very depressed, even on medication, and on 22:31, August 1, 2014, Alice was found dead, wrists slit deeply by a broken glass from her mirror.

File Closed.