Your own person.

“Let not all the world be judged by what men’s tongue can say, but appraise them by not simply following others, for no person should follow behind another.
All people are equal, they say… For are we all- truly equal?
I believe we are not, yet we are. For we are all humans,
we all make mistakes, some learn, and some don’t.
Some love others, some love themselves.
We… are all different. Every one of us have their own secrets and stories to tell.
Yet, we all gather for the same reason, we all have things in common, bringing people closer.
Would life have any meaning without Love and Happiness?
Isn’t that the whole point of life?
Without it, our life is just to learn, grow wise, and die.
With love, we have a new door open with experience, with more emotions, and we become more humane.
Without love, we wouldn’t be human. We would be empty shells of nothing but knowledge of the past, present, and future. Life would be as meaningless as the Book of Life that is blank of pages.”


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