Second Chases

My lips caress your absence ones, your music has encased my heart,

Will you write for me?

I can’t just run away from all my fears, fearing I’ll loose you. And I did, by my own doings.

Your music encased me, who am I? Who am I I think. No one it seems without you.


Old Love New Love

Can’t you see I’m running from

The biggest baddest wolf -all my life-

And I try to breathe

And I try to breathe…

Can’t you see how madly I cried out?!

In hopes of you saving me…

Won’t you save me?

Through the eyes of tiny little fireflies did the Illuminati

Sought in me: A cure of all the cancer and now I try to lean in and out of this

Picture frame.

Along a lonely road I walk and see something across the road staring at me,

It terrifies me.

A young boy of four, black raven hair I saw him lead a life on the path, of my road. Little boy mind you speak of a wolf, a hungry one indeed.

Escape with me and through the sea will find a home again.

Fellow Fighters

Sun had bellied the cold wars

Let it commence again

Moon had taken over-

Rise all catapults!

Allies in the legion-

The tribes all lost ago-

Belly the enemies…

For they are our closest friend.

Hear my letter, Dear Soldier,

Come home and fight the bigger fight,

Our society has lost its whole.


I sit watching hesitantly, a room with an audience, rooms that hear voices- colors of the many; humans/people.

I urge to take the stand, but a hand holds my troubled heart back- a substitute narrator/ or/ the Pen Holder.

Who are they

Who are they to say I have no sword?!

My sword is my voice, air thought caught in a cyclone

I breathe

I think

Somewhere out there lies my truth-

Somewhere here lies the answer

A Taste of This Moment.

Within this world, I laid naked on a cool rock, smooth beneath my skin like white sand on my feet. My belly flooded with pondering thoughts, my eyes had filled with blue water, looking at him. 

One would start to think, how much of this poison will take me under? But gently forget as their lips taste that little bit of heaven. 

Music soars through my ears and gently caresses my heart. I cry with serenity that floods my insides out. I cry in fear if this is what it is to live. I cry with sometimes never knowing, but looking into his eyes, mirrors one thing; hope in love. 

Love is… life’s gift. And once someone learns, gives, and is given it, how could one let go of it?

With gentle awareness I awake

Slowly but surely, blooms have mistakes,

Crossing out the crashing tidal waves,

I push two steps forward, sometimes almost doubling back. 

Sharing words, 

Sharing lives,

Sharing complete outer-world vibes,

You bleed, I bleed; we all die, 

But a few actually have seen what life really is.